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YJC-300A hydraulic falling transport truck

Product details
Product Name: YJC-300A Hydraulic Drop Transporter
Detailed parameters: XYJC300A 500A hydraulic drop car
Uses: 300A is used for loom widths up to 2500mm, and 500A is used for fabric rolls with a width of 2500mm or more. Suitable for fabric rolls not exceeding Φ500mm.
Features: Hydraulic tipping type, the edge of the bucket is low, and the cloth roll can be directly pushed into the loom when it is out of the ground. Four-wheel synchronization, turning at any angle, laying down the middle directional wheel can be carried out in a straight line
Load: 300kg, 500kg
Dimensions: 300A length 940mm, width 550mm, height 960mm; 500A length 1140mm, width 550mm, height 960mm

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